Wanted: General Manager

Hey Everyone! i need your help. i am currently in the middle of selecting a candidate for a job opening in my company.  The position is for General Manager. I have 5 candidates vying for the job. Please tell me which applicant i should hire.

Candidate #1: He used to work in my company but i fired him a few years ago.  He was my GM before but he was always late for work and had a drinking problem.  Worst of all, i caught him stealing massive amounts of company money, so i sued him and he went to jail for it.  He is applying for the same position again.

Candidate #2:  This guy has been working in my company for 12 years. He stayed out of trouble.  He seems like a nice honest guy.  He is NOT one of my star employees.  He never really stood out.  Very average.

I gave him a job 12 years ago cuz his mom used to be the General Manager of my company and his Dad was one of the top performers in my company.  Here is my dilemma, his mom just died and i feel bad.  Prior to his mom dying, he never even considered applying for the GM position.  During his job interview, he was telling me all the things that he stood for and so i asked him point blank, “what have you done in the past 12 years to support your stand?” He just stared back at me with those big googly eyes. he seemed lost for words.

Candidate #3: The next candidate impressed me. He is a rags to riches story. He was poor and he was a self made multi-millionaire. He joined my company a few years ago and whichever department i place him, he would always end up heading that department. As head of a department, he was instrumental in my helping me file my case against my former GM (candidate #1) and during those times he stood up for what he believed in.  He is very charming and slick to a fault; also, he is a master at office politics.  He knows what he has to do to get things done. Although there were some questionable transactions that he needs to clear up. Other than that, he seems like an ok guy.

Candidate #4:  This guy worked in one of our subsidiaries.  I had a floundering subsidiary when my partners decided to call off the partnership and left.  It was in shambles.  There was so much wrong going on in that company.  It seemed like a hopeless case.  He applied for the position and he was determined to fix the problem.  So i gave him a chance.  Now, that particular subsidiary is one of my stellar performers.  The employees there have straightened up and they are all working hard.  The subsidiary has set the standard of what our company should be like. He has since moved on, but his legacy is still seen within that company to this day.  This guy is an achiever! A very passionate individual that has proven himself time and again.  He has been an inspiration for a lot of his colleauges.  He turned down a job with another company that was gonna pay him over $1million annually.  He told me during the interview that he really believes that my company can grow and be better than what it is now and he can make it happen.

Candidate #5:  The last candidate also exemplifies leadership qualities.  He has held leadership roles within my company and has shown his competence.  He is very good with people and with communcating his ideas. He worked under the wing of my current General Manager and knows his way around.  He should be able to get the job done.  My current General Manager is endorsing him to me for consideration.

I need your help…

if you were me, who i would you hire for the General Manager post and why?


About Chris Tan

Chris Tan is an avid MMA, Boxing, and Kick Boxing Fanatic that got hooked in MMA when he saw the very first UFC event in 1993. He is also an Entrepreneur and owns boxing gyms in the Philippines. He advocates Physically, Spiritually, and Financially Health and Wellness.
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8 Responses to Wanted: General Manager

  1. rhona says:

    I think you should choose candidate # 4. He has the qualities of a good leader. Knowing the fact that he turned down 1M dollars is very impressing. He proved that he’s not a slave of money. Moreover, he is goal- oriented and has positive visions for the company. I just hope that he is a man of his words 🙂

    By the way, I’m still a student and not yet a registered voter. 🙂

  2. rhona says:

    I think I will choose candidate # 4. He has the qualities of a good leader. Knowing the fact that he turned down 1M dollars is very impressing. He proved that he is not a slave of money. Moreover, he is goal-oriented and he has positive visions for the company. I just hope that he is also a man of his words. 🙂

    By the way, I’m still a student and I’m not a registered voter yet. 🙂

  3. Rezywezy says:

    Is there a “LIKE” button somewhere here? I must admit this should be shareable on FB and Twitter. Seriously.

    • christan69 says:

      Hey rezy, copy the link and post on your FB and Tweet about it! Thanks.

      • Rezywezy says:

        I just sent it as a message on FB to a chosen few, naks! Good job partner! 😀 BTW I tuned in to last Tues’ ep with the Mensa guys…but guess what? I got sidetracked by your freakin’ Jejemon ep! *facepalm* Ang daming viewers pala that night! In fairness, I learned a lot! Jejejeje… LoLzZzz…

  4. ka_edong says:

    Brilliant article!

    Candidate #4. He has shown that he’s got what it takes through solid results. Give him the GM position and your company is sure to progress!

  5. Donna Barraquias says:

    Ahh…. nice. I’d stick to the first candidate. Hiring a former enemy will most likely be more loyal because he has more to prove. Hiring friends or familiar people who are admired by many are most likely to do betrayal, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. 🙂

  6. jasper says:

    If i were you ill choose candidate #4 for the reason that he is not only showed his competency in his job but his loyalty by turning down the offer of other company.

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