Brock Lesnar is WAY OVER RATED! Fedor is the real deal! CarWIN will win against Brock!

its funny when i hear casual MMA fans talk about how amazing they think Brock Lesnar is and how they think Fedor doesn’t stand a chance.  You can tell that they are just plain ignorant and have never seen Fedor fight.  Fedor has fought top fighters in their prime and has beaten them decisively.

I was first introduced to Fedor when he first appeared in the Pride Fighting Championships against 6’11” and 256lbs. striker Semmy Shilt.  Fedor is only 6′ and 233lbs. so you can imagine the huge disadvantage that Fedor had over Semmy.  I have never heard of Fedor that time and i have seen Semmy fight before.  I thought to myself, “Shit, this Fedor dude is dead meat” and to my surprise he completely dominated Semmy and beat him to a bloody mess.  I was SO IMPRESSED with how Fedor fought.  Fedor then went against Heath Herring, who was at his prime back then and was considered the gatekeeper to any fighter who wants a shot at the title.  Fedor demolished him! Then Fedor had a match-up with then Pride Champion Minotauro Nogueira.  That time, Nogueira had amased a 13 fight win streak and was the most dominant fighter in MMA. Fedor got into the ring and PULVERIZED AND DESTROYED Nogueira.  No one has ever seen Nogueira FUBAR’d (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) before.  Nogueira took such a beating that the ring announcer and commentators were crying and wanted the fight stopped already.

Fedor went on to be the undisputed PRIDE Champion. In his 30 fights, he has never lost! Ok fine, he lost once, because referee stoppage due to a cut on his eye by Kohsaka in the first minute of the first round.  Fedor wasn’t even hurt, it was a grazing punch the cut him and the ref decided to stop it. Fedor eventually fought him again and like everyone else that went against Fedor, He got his ASS KICKED BIG TIME! His Face looked like it got ran over by a truck! Fedor also fought KO artists such as K1’s Mark Hunt and Crocop and still came out on top.

His last fight before moving to the States is against GOLIATH, Hong Man Choi, standing at 7’2″ and tipping the scales at 350lbs.  Choi was on top of Fedor several times during the fight yet Fedor was able to submit him as he has done numerous times. Then, in his first 2 fights in the states, he takes on former UFC champs Tim Sylvia and Arlovski and finishes them off within the first couple of minutes.

Lets now take a look at the Meat Head called, Brock Lesnar.  Brock never went thru the usual MMA ladder, he was given the title shot because he sells tickets, even if he is really unproven.  Yes, He dominated Heath Herring. But against Randy Couture, it was a different story, Randy is much smaller than him and yet Randy was ahead in striking up until Brock gets a lucky shot and takes out Couture. Otherwise, Randy would’ve won that fight easily.  During the fight, i noticed that Brock seems to have a weak chin and can be knocked out.

When Brock faced Frank Mir, I already knew Brock was gonna win, because i never considered Mir to be a good fighter, Mir is too cocky, complacent, and underestimates his opponents.  Mir always shows that he is ok by smirking at his opponents when he is hurt.  He is too concerned with how he looks rather than how he fights.  Going into the Brock Lesnar fight, he should’ve kept it standing with strikes against Brock cuz Frank Mir has solid kicks and also quick hands.  He could’ve taken Brock but he decided to go to the ground and stay on his back.

A STUPID STRATEGY! Lesnar is huge and has a solid wrestling background, when he gets on top of you, you will have a very difficult time trying to get out.  Sure enough, that is what happened to Mir, he got stuck on the ground and got pummeled.

Brock doesn’t deserve the title, and doesn’t deserve to be called a champion. Dana White only gave him the opportunity because he can sell tickets.

On UFC 106, Brock is set to face Shane CarWIN.

This should be a good match up since they are about the same size. They both come from a wrestling background.  The main difference is that Shane has a more lethal KO power than Brock.  I predict a Shane CarWIN WIN! There are only 2 ways that Brock can win this fight: (1) He takes shane to the ground and Ground and Pound him. I dont think Shane will be able to get off his back if he is taken down; (2) Brock gets a lucky punch and knocks Shane out. Otherwise, Shane will win via KO.  If Brock wins, then maybe he deserves to fight Fedor.

In a fight, anything can happen, Fedor will most likely win but Brock has a chance, like every other fighter does, but my money is on Fedor.  And for people that say Brock will destroy Fedor, they have no idea. Fedor has faced BIGGER and more skilled fighters than Brock and he demolished them.  With the many weapons in his arcenal, Fedor will either KO brock, Submit him, or Ground and Pound Him. Brock’s only hope is that he gets lucky and KO’s Fedor or try to ground and pound him.   Otherwise, Brock is DEAD MEAT!

Fedor 30-1

Brock 4-1

Let the numbers speak for themselves!


About Chris Tan

Chris Tan is an avid MMA, Boxing, and Kick Boxing Fanatic that got hooked in MMA when he saw the very first UFC event in 1993. He is also an Entrepreneur and owns boxing gyms in the Philippines. He advocates Physically, Spiritually, and Financially Health and Wellness.
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6 Responses to Brock Lesnar is WAY OVER RATED! Fedor is the real deal! CarWIN will win against Brock!

  1. Ryan says:

    Good article. I agree with everything you’ve said about Fedor, including that he would likely win against Lesnar. But Lesnar is only 5 fights in. He has faced one of the toughest heavyweights in Mir, and he will get better with more experience. Eventually, he will be ready for Fedor.

    But I do not think Carwin will win. He has not really ever faced a Heath or a Frank, or even an older Randy (who is still better than most heavyweights). Brock will do to Carwin what he did to everyone else in this video –

  2. christan69 says:

    Thanks for your input Ryan!

    Brock would’ve lost to Randy if it were not for that lucky punch. Remember that Randy was the only fighter with a wrestling background that Brock has ever faced and he couldn’t even take him down, even though Couture was the smaller guy. Imagine Brock going against someone his own size, with the same wrestling pedigree, and Knockout power. Since they both will be fairly even in takedowns, the deciding factor will be the striking. Someone will be knocked out. The question is who.

  3. godlike says:

    I think your underrating Brock because of numbers.. record wins/losses/draw’s have very little to do with MMA since its style vs style. Brock beleive it or not in my eyes has earned the right to be classed as an MMA fighter. Im not too sure if Randy would of beat Brock decisvley maybe by a bit but nothing major. Regardless of my defence for Brock i think he would lose to Fedor just because of Fedors punches.. he probably punches harder than both Brock and Carwin, for the Carwin fight i got brock via KO/TKO round 1. he will catch him in the first round drop carwin and Brock will finish it off. Not that im diminishing Carwins striking skills either, its just Brock will get the win

  4. godlike says:

    P.S – Good Read

  5. Hamzah says:

    I think Randy punches harder tha fedor look at how it took randy one punch to takedown syliva wheras it took fedor a few. A scince fighting programme said that trandy punches 2 times harder than an ameutuer hevyweight boxer with his average ground and pound punch and he has 10 times more stamina than an avrerage person. That was when he was 43. Imagine him at 33! In his prime he would take fedor as he was faster in his prime tha fedor don’t beleive watch his first 4 mma fights and you’ll see but now fedor would take him. as he is younger and faster. As for lesner he is crap the best oppenet he has beaten is a 45 year old couture wow amazing! not really i am sure that carwain will finishe him and fedor would submit both of them.

  6. fukurself says:

    this guy is a pretentious douche bag. great prediction.

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