To My Guardian Angel… THANK YOU!

When people say that “God works in mysterious ways”, this is one of those moments. You see, i just recently ended a 3 year “complicated” relationship and the weeks that followed were devastating to me for a lot of reasons that i’d rather not go into right now. I found myself lying awake for several nights, feeling empty, and alone. Although i have my friends to support me and give me their words of encouragement and sympathy, Nothing could quell the waves of sadness and doubt that i was experiencing during those dark days.

I am a head person, i think things through and i usually do not let my emotions get the best of me. But for some reason, my emotions are getting the best of me in this instance. I would talk about it endlessly with anyone that would care to listen. One of my friends kept bugging me to go out instead of staying home sulking over my situation. At first, i resisted cuz i just wanted to allow myself to wallow over this, but i realized that i should just take the opportunity to go out and see whats out there. I started going out almost every night for the next couple of weeks and throughout those nights, i was with my NFBFF (New Found Best Friend Forever) as she would fondly call me. I actually liked it. She, at first glance, seems like an unlikely NFBFF for me since our lifestyles are so different, but in the differences, i found similarity.

One fateful night, after partying till the wee hours of the morning, we were supposed to head out to another club on the other side of the city, and while we were in the car waiting in line to get out of the parking lot, i started talking about my situation again just to let out my frustration. I wasn’t really looking for advice anymore nor was interested in others opinion. I told my NFBFF what i was planning to do and she said to me, “Chris, before you do anything, ask yourself why you are doing it, and if your EGO is motivating you to do it, then that is wrong. Do not let your Ego control your actions!”

At that moment, it hit me like a Ton of Bricks. She is RIGHT!!!! Suddenly there was clarity, peace, serenity. I don’t think she realized what she had said impacted me that much. I told her that a weight was lifted off my shoulders and that i feel ok.

That night was the first night since that i was able to sleep like a baby. The following day i told her that “i believe that God works in all of us. At my weakest moment, God sent an Angel to watch over me and that was you, NFBFF!!!!”


For my Angel:
Thank you for convincing me to go out when all i wanted to do was stay home.
Thank you for continually bugging me and making me feel special. i needed it!
Thank you for just being there when i just wanted to DANCE!!!! I love it when you would look at me approvingly and, without words, tell me to just let go and have fun.
Thank you for the endless stories that sometimes i would get lost in them. hehehe…
Thank you for keeping it real.
Thank you for your warm smile and your hearty laugh.
Thank you for your friendship. I will cherish it forever. NFBFF!
Thank you for being around at my weakest moment.
Thank you for your affection and the care.
Thank you for your advice and insight.
Thank you for being my rock in the raging waters.
and lastly, Thank you for just being you, an ANGEL!!!!!

I am a very strong person and i am rarely weak. But during my weakest moment, you were there for me. For that, i am forever grateful! Now that i am strong again, i want you to know that when the time comes that you need strength, i will be there for you, my Guardian Angel!


About Chris Tan

Chris Tan is an avid MMA, Boxing, and Kick Boxing Fanatic that got hooked in MMA when he saw the very first UFC event in 1993. He is also an Entrepreneur and owns boxing gyms in the Philippines. He advocates Physically, Spiritually, and Financially Health and Wellness.
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